A Feast for Fowl and Feline

Daily Dinner

Move over guys!!

Sharing the communal meal.

Sharing the communal meal.

It’s just one of those typical Spring in Kamini scenes that we never tire of appreciating. Dinner time, or as the English say, “Tea” at Tassia’s. (Hard for the rest of the world to understand how one eats tea) Happy Easter / Kalo Paska everyone

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Kamini Light House

The month of March kicked off with a major rhubarb and has a direct link to Kamini that hit national headlines. One of Greece’s wealthiest moguls was handcuffed and incarcerated in front of the Athens media on various charges related to missing money, as in supposedly owing the government millions of euros that had gone up in, er … fumes.


Eco-friendly empty house.

Although he is mentioned by name in the press, out of courtesy to our neighbourhood and respect for his anonymous status in the valley, we shall call him Mr G. Speftis, CEO of a very large petrol company. He has proclaimed his innocence (in Greece one is presumed guilty until otherwise proven), saying that there is no evidence, no paper trail, no e-mail or phone records linking him to the mysterious “up-in-smoke” millions.

True to form, our little village community took opposite sides in this new development and the ongoing saga concerning a legally dubious construction of some size that now dominates the quaint valley. Bear in mind that Hydra has “strict” laws concerning size of building per square meter of land, and whether or not there was indeed a building permit issued, without the use of a brown envelope, is still a source of debate.

Many west-facing (sunset) residents in Kamini still have a beef with the mansion, even with the alleged embezzler behind bars and the place unoccupied.

“It is so in our face every night, even though the house is empty,” one local grumbled. “We count around twenty spotlights, these glaring at night in the mid-winter, and in summer somewhere approaching fifty.”

These not only incur the cost of electrifying the hillside, but they are supposedly being used in illuminating the region for CCTV cameras he has strategically placed around the mansion. … So very in-keeping with the spirit of the valley.

There are those, however, who think the lighting and brightness have enhanced the valley.

“It’s always been so dark in Kamini, finally some lighting brightens the area,” one ‘pro’ resident insisted. Like we say, always two sides and always a rhubarb no matter how cut-and-dry a story may seem.

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Good-bye February

Do not disturb.

“This is what February is all about”

The rest of the world may remember February for the winter olympics, others less fortunate, the floods in the UK, sever blizzards in North America, not to mention a various selection of civil wars, we had it easy. As summed up by another rough day at the home office in our snap of the day, we know and count our blessings. Kalo March everyone.

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A New Enemy in Town

Not to put a damper on the New Year, but a negative side effect from globalisation has recently invaded the Rock. Allegedly this scourge got its first foothold into Europe via Albania by stowing away on a Chinese Cargo ship back in 1989, and are now taking over the continent.

I first noticed the little bastards in Kamini last Fall while hanging out laundry on our terrace in the mid-afternoon; and could hardly believe my eyes. A Half a dozen of these parasites on my bare legs helping themselves to a late liquid lunch… mosquitoes in broad daylight!!!

A new breed of mini vampires fresh from Asia, and because of their distinctive black and white stripes are commonly called Tiger Mosquitoes.

Appropriately called Tiger

Be Advised… a new breed of bloodsucker is in town.

But here is the thing, not only do they raid around the clock, they itch like crazy, and in other parts of the world carry diseases like Yellow Fever. They do not need to breed larva in stagnant water, but merely near a water source. They are far more resilient to known anti-bug sprays and creams, and are said to be taking-over/wiping out the more docile nocturnal native mosquito. In short… nasty little buggers.

So not to over dramatise this pestilence, our friendly advice for visitors to Greece (and indeed almost all of the Med) this summer, pack both sun-block AND defensive anti mozzie chemistry.

For further in depth info…http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aedes_albopictus

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Merry, Happy, Festive Whats-its…

Dimitra’s supermarket in Kamini is looking particularly festive this year, one could say almost Comet like. Somewhat of a different to the same tree that provides our shade at the Pirofani in summer.

Here’s wishing one and all a merry, happy, joyous, healthy holiday season and New Year; from the staff and management at the Kamini Comet, in other words Jennifer and myself.

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