Beetle Off

I had been avoiding it on our trip, but I watched the news today….oh boy!!

What a bloody mess, too many angry people in too many places to mention, trouble and strife is rife, when are humans going to stop firing rockets and bombing the shit out of suburbs, murdering in the name of one god or another? So I surrender, give up in fact, and in the spirit of such; I decided to save a life tonight.

I spotted a Christmas beetle (so named because of its bright green exoskeleton) lying on its back slowly perishing on our doorstep without the strength to right itself. I pro-offered an index finger which it grabbed with great enthusiasm. I sat with my beetle all  through sunset, and it seemed determined to hang onto my finger for the rest of its dear life. It dawned on me that the poor thing might need something to drink so I dabbed a drop of wine from my glass onto the table and placed my patient in front of it.

Worst Beetle 'Selfie' Evere

Worst Beetle ‘Selfie’ Ever

Sure enough it relished the nourishment. And yes, it got drunk. Silly me and silly beetle who started doing weird things with its legs and little somersaults of a kind. Pissed as a parrot… er beetle. I sat with him on my finger through his binge until he was right enough to cling to our bougainvillea which I bequeathed to him.  All is well again in our Kamini valley… news forgotten.

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Theo, (and Roger’s poem) a big hit on opening night

Our special local, Pirofani, opened this year with a resounding thumbs up. Theo serving “the same old crap” (with a few experimental new dishes) and Roger’s poem was to say the least, right on the nose and to the point of our changing island, and for that matter world. Just about all the usual ‘surviving suspects’ were in attendance and it felt like our ‘clubhouse’ would be around for yet another season.  A grand reunion, thank you both !!


First edition of original poem to follow avrio (tomorrow), once scanning has happened. A must read…

Roger's Poem Pirofani Opening 2014

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Looking for photographic evidence.

This month back in 1985, Pan and I arranged a football (Soccer) match between the ex-pats and locals. Bearded Pan (Pan’s Bar and subsequent self appointed harbour master), a duel passport holder, played on both teams depending on who was winning or loosing at the time. The game ended early because of too many balance inhibiting refreshments at half time, with a score that equalised at about 22-22 a side.

Them was the days!!!

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And the Poor get Richer


may yachtNormally the blockage of our office view by somebody’s ‘yacht’ to hail the beginning of a new season would invoke some KC rebuke about ‘In-your-face’ money during tough times; but it must be said this Gin Palace was a beauty, style and hi-tech as good as it gets.


Like finger-prints, boring our sundowners are not !!!

Like finger-prints, boring our sundowners are not !!!


And the sunset still sucked in comparison

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Have A ‘Large One’

1st May 2005

1st May 2005

Mister Bill I shall hoist one in your honour at sunset. This day is not the same without you, we all miss you Old Bean. Slainte!!

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